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Northeast Steel Construction
An expert in the steel industry.
Northeast Steel Construction is a commercial steel building supplier and general contractor.  Steel is what we do and we do it well, that’s because we only work on construction projects that involve pre-engineered steel buildings.  Conventional building construction projects are different than steel building construction projects in many ways.  You can rely on Northeast Steel Construction a company and team that specializes in the pre-engineered building construction industry. 

Because we are a general contractor we have vast experience in conceptual design, project site selection, value engineering, project budgeting, generating construction plans, sitework and excavation, drainage and utility service, paving, concrete footers and foundation systems, structural steel erecting, insulation, exterior sheeting, masonry walls, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, slab floors, fire sprinkler systems, interior buildouts and finish work.  We understand building code, the permitting process, and required inspections.

Keep in mind if you just need a steel building shipped we got you covered, you can take advantage of the volume pricing we have established with our building manufacturers.  We buy a large amount of steel and construction materials and we pay less for it, that savings gets passed onto you.  If your project requires more than just shipping the building system we can handle that as well, because we are an experienced general contractor we can handle your project from conceptual design to final certificate of occupancy.
Northeast Steel Construction separates itself in many ways from most other construction companies.  Because commercial pre-engineered steel building projects are our specialty we are very good at it . . . 16 years worth.  So depending on your specific project need we can fulfill most roles during the construction process.

·         Steel Building Supplier
·         Steel Building Erector
·         Components and Accessories Distributor
·         Supply and Erect Contractor
·         Project General Contractor
·         Commercial Building Contractor
·         Design Build Contractor
·         Project Management Company
·         Construction Consultant Company

Whatever your need may be, you can trust that Northeast Steel Construction will handle your construction project in a professional manner with a focus on cost, functionality, and safety.

Just a Quick Word of Advice

There are steel building suppliers and steel brokers in the industry using the "buy quick, buy today" high pressure sales strategy.  Always remember that no matter how convincing and enticing this sales tactic sounds, it’s just that . . . a sales gimmick.  Please do not fall for this bad business practice and stay clear of any company who allows or encourages its sales staff to deploy these tactics.  Northeast Steel Construction does not allow anyone on our staff to use sales gimmicks and does not believe in high pressure sales tactics simply because your project is too important for us to use pressure in order to "make a quick sale".
Often these bottom feeding building suppliers and steel brokers will tell customers that they have a discounted building system that someone else had ordered and didn't pay for. It is not very likely that this “windfall” building is almost exactly the same size you are looking for, this building also has the exact same wind load, snow load, live load, exposure class, collateral load, seismic load, rain intensity rating needed for your location and is now offered as discount to you.  This scenario sounds and is too good to be true because it is.  They will tell you have to buy now before the "special deal" is taken by someone else. Trust us when we say your building project is way too important than getting caught up in that disaster.